SeaHoney Wound Gel combines the powerful healing properties of honey with alginate which is derived from seaweed. Alginate dressings are terrific for wound healing, increasing the rate of granulation of the wound bed. Combining the Alginate with Honey gives us two very powerful & effective components for rapid & cosmetic wound healing. As Alginate forms a gel like substance for moist wound healing, does not adhere to wound site, and is easily removed with saline without disturbing the newly formed wound bed. 

Supplied in 100 gm jar with 2 x sterile pads & wound dressing instructions.

SeaHoney Wound Gel

GST Included |
  • By  absorbing excess wound exudate & increasing the rate of granulation tissue, alginate dressings are used on SPECIFIC  WOUND TYPE (moderate to heavily exudative wounds) &  at SPECIFIC TIMES of wound healing (during the transition from debridement to repair phase of wound healing) . There are certain body areas where we can or cannot use this dressing. It is therefore important that you discuss your animals wound type with our vet before applying this dressing. Please contact us by email before ordering.