Combination of our best-selling skincare range, designed for rapid repair of dermatitis, hair regrowth, and prevention of scar formation. Especially useful for show horses, this combo is also suitable for all animals.

Manufactured in our Veterinary Herbal Apothecary with 100% Organic ingredients.


100 gm Combo:  Dermatitis Balm 100 gm HungeVit-A 100 gm

350gm Combo:   Dermatitis Balm 350 gm HungeVit-A 100 gm

Show Horse Skin Care Combo

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    Best Selling Veterinary compounded Dermatitis Balm continues to provide 100% Customer Satisfaction. Suitable to help treat all forms of dermatitis, skin rashes, scalds & rubs in all animals. A firm balm that softens slightly on contact and will stick to body parts in difficult locations. Excellent for Pastern Dermatitis (Mud Fever) in horses.

    Directions: Massage daily to clean & dry wound area. 

    Ingredients: Calendula infused Olive Oil; Beeswax; Shea Butter; Bentonite; Zinc and Honey.


    HUNGEVIT-A is designed to minimise scarring and encourage hair regrowth. To be used in the last stages of wound healing, until the wound is totally healed and all hair has regrown. Rich in Vitamin A and luxurious Shea Butter.

    Ingredients:  Vitamin A Oil; Cod Liver Oil; Beeswax; Coconut Oil; Shea Butter.

    Directions: To be used on wound areas in the final stages of healing, dermatitis or rashes. Apply daily to clean wound, massage in thoroughly. Continue daily use until all hair regrowth has occurred.