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The medicinal properties of Calendula form the basis of many of our products. Its use has been well-known for centuries. Modern science has been able to study the plant to now identify the components that result in the wound healing properties, found particularly in the flower petals.

There are a great number of cultivars (cultivated varieties) of C. officinalis including one, Prolifera, that dates back to at least 1885. (Am. Bot. Council)

The healing properties of the essential oil and extracts of the flowers include the following: antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antitumor, cytotoxic, anti-HIV, antioxidant, and wound healing.


Astringent properties, increase in fibroblastic cell numbers and collagen formation are particularly useful properties for wound healing. Our Wound Wash, for all animals, effectively cleans gross, contaminated wounds, and visible differences in wound beds are noticeable within days.

For horses, excessive granulation tissue

(proud flesh) is effectively managed. 

For dogs, our Organic Ear Cleaner is also an effective, gentle, and quick cleaner - the only

ear cleaner we now use in our vet clinic.

After drying, the flower petals will be steeped for many weeks in either a variety of oils (olive, jojoba, almond, coconut, shea) or in alcohol. 

This process extracts the medicinal properties of the flower (the marc) into the liquid solvent (menstruum). The medicinal properties of the flower are concentrated and maintained in the menstruum, especially olive oil.

These fluid menstruums are then used in our Wound Salves & Balms, along with other ingredients depending on the product being compounded.

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