Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine

Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine (VWHM) allows us to explore a natural approach to Veterinary Medicine.


We have access to a vast array of complementary medical therapies we can use alongside Traditional Veterinary therapy. This includes using medicinal plants with which we can formulate remedies. Prescriptions are formulated with a body systems based approach.


For example: For an old dog with arthritic pain and signs of decreased cognition/dementia, we may formulate a Tonic that addresses not only arthritic pain (musculoskeletal system), but as well include formulae for dementia (nervous system), increase blood flow to the brain,  (cardiovascular system) and increase disease resistance (immune system) Medicinal plants provide opportunity to treat all these systems with a simple tonic!

Furthermore, for this arthritic dog, we use Traditional Vet therapies such as Cartrophen injections for arthritis and tablets for pain relief. Integrative Vet Medicine thus allows us to provide optimum health  for our animals.


Many of these therapies we use on a daily basis - sometimes without even realising! Clay poultices are used regularly by horse owners for hoof bruising; along with natural Epsom Salts - both examples of organic products used in a medical purpose.


Many therapies have stood the test of time - a long time! Egyptian burials have been found with pots of honey, sealed, intact, ready to use! Honey needs no introduction as a well respected, thoroughly studied and highly effective instrument for wound healing.

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 Prescriptions may be composed of liquid TONICS, HERBAL LEAF OR HERBAL POWDERS.

A HORSE with a chronic cough will have a prescription for the respiratory condition (mucolytics, antitussive); the immune system (boost immunity to fight infection), the gastrointestinal system (ensure digestion of nutrition) & excretion of toxins from the body (liver & kidneys).

As the horse is a herbivore they are ideal patients where we use herbal leaves and powders. We can use herbs whose components have actions to address all the above - actions that have been well established, through scientifically proof, research, clinical & traditional use.


VWHM Consultations are available for all animals with Dr Joan Deetman at Silverson Vet Clinic in Serpentine WA.

Your consultation will assess your animal clinically, with a thorough history required & any past/present treatments. A treatment plan will be developed & may include a prescription which combines Traditional Veterinary therapy with Herbal formulations of leaf, powders or tonics.

VWHM Consultations may be booked at our clinic online: