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Image by Jeffrey Hamilton

Milk Thistle

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Small animals

Milk Thistle (Silymarin) has been well studied & provides significant protection in liver disorders, kidney & pancreatic disease. It has been shown to reduce toxic damage to the liver & help control excess lipids in the blood.

Image by Rod Long


As well as being protective for the liver, milk thistle has been shown to reduce impact of acute stress via increasing insulin sensitivity & reducing cortisol levels in the horses body. Better control of blood glucose shows beneficial effects for horses at risk of laminitis. Sport horses may cope better with the stressors they are exposed to with quicker recovery.

Ref: Available on request

Image by Soledad Lorieto
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Tonics & Supplements

Milk Thistle is included in our GutPro Equine Supplement and can be included for small animals in any of our liquid tonics.

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