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Manage Dog Skin & Gut Problems

Skin disease can occur from allergens invading the dog's body from food, parasites, or the environment. Digestive problems occur from inflammation in the gastrointestinal system, where the damaged intestinal lining leaks and allows the absorption of toxins and allergens into the bloodstream. This can further exacerbate skin problems.

Improving the health of the inside of the GUT LINING, preventing "Leaky Bowel" and therefore stopping the absorption of toxins and allergens, is imperative in the management of skin and gut problems.

Veterinary Herbalist Dr Joan Deetman has developed the HoneyPro Vet Herbal Dietary supplement "DogPro" in her clinic. Enormous success has been achieved with the product, with many, many cases achieving long-term control of chronic skin problems as well as acute and chronic gut problems, including Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

DogPro is an integral part of the"Management of Itchy Pets and Bowel Disease" protocol in our clinic. This protocol includes advice on parasite control, diet advice, and further complementary therapies.


DogPro includes HERBAL DEMULCENTS which are soothing, slippery mucilagenous medicinal plant compounds. They remove inflammation from mucous membranes that line the gut, relieving irritation, forming a slippery, protective coating, and allowing ulcerated tissues to heal. Combining herbal mucilages with specific amino acids, prebiotics, toxin adsorbents, and probiotics, provides us with powerful natural compounds to heal and maintain gut health.

Once the gut is healed, there is less absorption of allergens and toxins from the gut into the bloodstream. We know that 70% of immune cells are present in the gut, intricately involved in the immune response, the health of the gut lining, and the gut microbiome which also affects immunity in the body. With improved immune response, we begin to see improvements in the health of the skin, coat, and eyes. With less inflammation in the body, there are improvements in demeanor, activity, and digestion.

IMPROVEMENTS OBSERVED - all these improvements are taken from our clinic patients and owners of dogs who are feeding "DogPro" 5 days a week. Clinical signs of skin and gut inflammation and allergy are either reduced or eliminated:

  • healthier skin over the whole body with less inflammation (redness), less itching, less paw licking

  • reduced ear problems - skin lining extends into the ears; there is less redness, itchiness, less infection, and overall improved control of chronic ear problems

  • eyes are clearer, fewer discharges, less brown tear staining, less conjunctivitis

  • coat condition improves, with glossier, healthier hair and improved coat colour

  • reduction and/or elimination of IBD. Reduced bowel inflammation improves fecal output, improves absorption of nutrients, and improves body condition.

  • any sudden bouts of diarrhea can also be treated with "DogPro" in normal dogs, safely increasing the dose for short periods if required

"DogPro" is a blend of herbal powders and supplements. It is fed 5 days a week being mixed into moist or dampened feed. Our FREE "Management of Itchy Pets and Bowel Disease" is included with the purchase.

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