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  • Is Herbal Medicine safe for animals?
    Herbal Medicine and all the products we use and develop, are all based on thorough scientific knowledge and research. In addition we draw from the solid background of Traditional Herbal Medicine that dates back for centuries. There is a vast amount of knowledge we first research, much of which is extrapolated from human medicine, we then utilise for our vet patients.
  • How do you use herbs for animals?
    "General Formulations" are products made for a general condition and can be suitable for many animals or for a particular species. For example our "Itchy Skin Tonic" is a General formula mixed in such a way it can assist most dogs with itchy skin. These are available for purchase online. "Prescriptions" are made for the individual patient. Formulas are mixed after a physical consultation with the pet. One precription for a dog, for example, even in the same household with another dog with the same symptoms, may be different to the prescription for the other dog! Formulas will generally be in the form of liquid tonics or powders for small animals. For large animal herbivores - herbal medicine is ideal! We can supply their prescriptions in leaf and/or powder form and sometimes as tonics or teas.
  • Where do we ship?
    Throughout Australia & New Zealand. Note: products will be shipped Monday - Wednesday to avoid delays. In Summer, products will be sent Mon & Tuesday only.
  • What does "Veterinary Compounded" mean?
    Veterinary Compounding is the practice of mixing a substance or combination of substances by the Veterinarian, as permitted by law under the jurisdiction of Veterinary Practice. Veterinary compounding occurs on the instructions of a veterinarian, to meet the specific needs of animal patients. Compounded medications form an important part of our veterinarian’s arsenal in treating their patients; our products complement & may be used in conjunction with traditional veterinary pharmaceutical medications. Compounded products are not defined as veterinary chemical products in the Agvet Code1 and, are therefore exempt from registration by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).
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