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Essential for all show animals to prevent scars! HUNGEVIT-A is designed to minimise scarring and encourage hair regrowth. To be used in the last stages of wound healing, until the wound is totally healed and all hair has regrown. Rich in Vitamin A and luxurious Shea Butter Oil.

Shea Butter Oil is rich in oleic acid (omega 9) with excellant skin absorption, is soothing and moisturising. 

All ingredients are organic (no chemicals nor synthetics.)


GST Included |
  • Ingredients:  Vitamin A Oil; Cod Liver Oil; Beeswax; Coconut Oil; Shea Butter Oil

    Directions: To be used on wound areas in the final stages of healing, dermatitis or rashes. Apply daily to clean wound, massage in thoroughly. Continue daily use until all hair regrowth has occurred.

    Note: Chronic wounds can destroy hair follicles, preventing hair regrowth. Feel free to send photos and history of your pets condition for veterinary advice.


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