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Start preparing now to help your dog tackle the onset of allergy season. Adding our extremely successful products to your dog's health management to treat and prevent chronic itchy skin & ear conditions.

DogPro - a blend of natural herbs in powder form to add to your dogs diet 5 days week. Improving the health of the gut is an important first step in improving our pets' overall systemic health. This will then be reflected in improved skin & coat health, increased tolerance to allergens & assist removal of toxins from the body.


Dermatitis Balm - Compounded in our pharmacy, our Animal Dermatitis Balm is a best seller because it works! Suitable to help treat all forms of dermatitis, skin rashes, scalds & rubs in all animals. A firm balm that softens slightly on contact and will stick to body parts in difficult locations


Organic Ear Cleaner - gentle effective organic cleaning. Use to treat infected ears (+/- medications) then for monthly maintenance cleaning.

Dog Allergy Spring Special

GST Included |
  • Three fantastic products offered for limited time at 20% off.

    FREE "Management of Itchy Pets" Client Advice included.

    Please see individual product pages for ingredients and instructions for use.

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