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Got a large stable full of horses? Farm full of large animals? Then you need our Large Animal Wound Care Pack! Filled with large jars of our best selling wound care salves and wound wash, you can be confident on being prepared for all those inevitable wounds, scratches, gear rubs and dermatitis conditions. 

Large Animal Wound Care Pack

GST Included |
    • Honey Wound Wax 350 gm
    • Dermatitis Balm 350 gm
    • HungevitA 350 gm
    • Wound Wash 500 ml

    With this combination you will be able to clean, wash & treat not only fresh wounds, but treat all wounds right up until the wound is completely healed, leaving no scars & allowing all hair to regrow.

    Click on each product page individually to learn about the products. Included FREE is our Wound Care Guide for all animals.

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