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Mineral & Clay Poultices are highly beneficial in the treatment of skin hypersensitivity reactions in horses. Have you seen how elephants & rhinos bathe in clay mud baths to protect themselves from insect bites & the sun?

Quick & easy to make at home, this simple treatment can assist in the rapid treatment of hives or insect bite reactions.

Combining mineral clays into a poultice assists in decreasing inflammation in the skin, soothing the itch, and drawing out toxins, debris & excess fluid. Concurrently the poultice nourishes the skin with minerals, improves circulation & calms inflammation.

Combining clays from different origins enhances the beneficial effects. These effects are enhanced even further with the addition of medicinal herbs offering antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.

Treat the horse daily until resolved. Consider following with our Dermatitis Balm for further treatment of skin conditions.


GST Included |
  • Minerals & clays 100% natural origin. 2 x 250 gm packs


    • Australian Bentonite
    • Australian Zeolites
    • Moroccan Rhassoul
    • French Pink Clay
    • Calendula petals


    • Mix equal quantities of dry clay mix with water
    • Measure quantity according to area to be treated. As a general guide:
    • 1/4 cup clay with 1/4 cup water will spread over a horses shoulder area
    • Mix in glass or plastic bowel with plastic spoon. Do not use metal bowels or spoons.
    • Place clay in bowel and gently pour water over, allow to soak in for several minutes BEFORE stirring
    • Add more water or clay as required
    • Wash off skin daily and repeat application if required

    NOTE: Hosing the skin first will offer some relief. Pat skin dry before applying poultice. Veterinary treatment with anti-histamines +/- anti-inflammatories may also be required.


  • I'm using it on my horse who is severely affected by fly and mozzie bites .  Your product gives him instant relief and perfect amount for all 4s .