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Wound Wash plus Honey Wound wax.

All wounds need to be thoroughly cleaned daily to ensure wound healing proceeds without delay.

Honey Wound Wax is formulated to be applied to wounds in almost any position, with or without bandages.

First Aid Duo Pack

GST Included |
  • A clean source of wound wash is an essential item for all first aid kits. Keep in the home, stable & float. Veterinary produced HoneyPro Vet Wound Spray is a gentle, effective wound cleaner suitable for all wounds on all animals. Our infusion of Calendula Tincture into Sterile Saline effectively cleans and soothes, decreases inflammation & helps to control bleeding. Effective in preventing proud flesh on equine leg wounds. 250ml bottle

    HP Honey Wound Wax is a semi-firm salve to use on wounds in all animals. Along with the super healing powers of Honey & Propolis, the anti-inflammatory & healing properties of Calendula will assist in efficient wound healing. Vitamin A keeps hair follicles healthy to assist with hair regrowth to achieve cosmetic wound healing. 100 gm jar



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