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The ultimate Vet Care pack for all those dogs who love the beach! Essential items if your pet is a regular beachgoer - be prepared for any little upsets and protect them from harm.

1) Mineral Sunscreen in a rich Vitamin E cream base. Smear it onto any unpigmented skin.

2) Organic Tummy Tea is designed to settle any upset tummies - especially for those dogs who tend to drink too much seawater. Give them a cuppa when you get home!

3) Dermatitis Balm - our best-selling Dermatitis treatment helps treat and protect damaged paws, elbows, or any area of dermatitis and irritation. Watch out for that hot pavement!

Beach Dogs Care Pack

GST Included |
  • Mineral Sunscreen  - Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are Minerals that filter the sun's rays. Zinc Oxide is the only approved filter that offers extensive protection and should be included in products at 20%. Titanium Dioxide 5% offers considerable protection and in combination, these minerals produce an SPF of 45. Water-resistant. Protect pink noses, ears, and faces with our creamy smooth Mineral Sunscreen. Enriched with Vitamin E, Sweet Almond & Coconut Oils. Horse Sunscreen also has Jojoba.

    Tummy Tea - This delicious blend will help to soothe tummies, decrease spasms, help decrease irritable bowels & work on that flatulence! Actions: Gastrointestinal - soothe, decrease irritabilityImmune - boost immune responseMucous membranes - healing damaged tissues Nervous - calming, decrease anxiety ingredients:ChamomileEchinaceaFennelCalendulaInstructions: Brew one bag in 300 ml - may divide and serve twice daily. Not for pregnant dogs.

    Dermatitis Balm - Best Selling Veterinary compounded Dermatitis Balm continues to provide 100% Customer Satisfaction. Suitable to help treat all forms of dermatitis, skin rashes, scalds & rubs in all animals. A firm balm that softens slightly on contact and will stick to body parts in difficult locations. Especially useful for damaged paws. Directions: Massage daily to clean & dry wound area. Ingredients: Calendula infused Olive Oil; Beeswax; Shea Butter; Bentonite; Zinc and Honey.