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Smells divine! HP Honey Wound Wax is a semi-firm salve to use on wounds in all animals. Along with the super healing powers of Honey & Propolis, the anti-inflammatory & healing properties of Calendula will assist in efficient wound healing. Vitamin A keeps hair follicles healthy to assist with hair regrowth to achieve cosmetic wound healing.


Honey Wound Wax

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    • Use copious amounts of saline/fresh water/dilute betadine to initially wash heavily contaminated wounds. Bathe or hose wounds as required to remove all foreign debris.
    • Next clip hair away from perimeter of wound to reduce contamination & allow thorough examination of wound.
    • As a final rinse, spray with HP Wound Wash which is made with sterile saline & Calendula for a gentle, final wash.  Clean wound daily with this wash. 
    • Next using a soft cloth, press wound surface to dry before applying HP Honey Wound Wax. Massage in gently to wound and especially massage edges of wound to encourage wound contraction. Wear gloves when cleaning wounds & use clean gloves to apply ointment.
    • Continue this process daily until wound is completely healed. Consistent attention to wounds will prevent scar formation and encourage hair regrowth.


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