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Sprinkle onto food to help reduce plaque with 100% organic Ascophyllum nodosum i.e. SEAWEED! Scientifically proven enzyme content reduces bacteria-forming plaque so less plaque, less calculus and fresher breath. This cold water sea weed or brown alga, grows and is harvested from the north Atlantic Ocean.  Readily eaten by cats and dogs.70 gm jar.

Clean Teeth Plaque Powder

GST Included |
  • Studies have shown that a daily intake of this seaweed meal assists in the reduction of plaque forming bacteria. Readily accepted by dogs and cats, simply sprinkle onto food daily. 

    Combine with the water additive, Oxyfresh Water Additive,  daily in your pets drinking water, will go a long way in maintaining a healthy mouth for your pet. If you can brush their teeth as well - even better!

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