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A clean source of wound wash is an essential item for all first aid kits. Keep in the home, stable & float. Veterinary produced HoneyPro Vet Wound Spray is a gentle, effective wound cleaner suitable for all wounds on all animals. Our infusion of Calendula Tincture into Sterile Saline effectively cleans and soothes, decreases inflammation & helps to control bleeding. Effective in preventing proud flesh on equine leg wounds. 


Wound Wash for all Animals

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GST Included |
    1. For large, contaminated wounds, remove large amounts of debris from wounds with saline or clean water with diluted Betadine or Chlorhexidine. Use copious volumes to wash away all debris.
    2.  Clip away all hair from perimeter of wound.
    3. Use HP Wound Wash generously over wound, ensuring all hair and debris is removed. Continue to use daily to keep wound clean.
    4. Can be fitted with spray nozzle if desired.

                500 ml  200 ml


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